You’re So Vain! You probably think this blog is about you.

February 21st, 2008 | Category: bizarre,books,comedy,offbeat,parody,satire

Every once in a while we hear from someone that the Book of Moron is supposed to be some sort of reference to their Church, which seems to be some kind of LSD cult in Wyoming or something. I don’t honestly know much about this group, but in fact the choice of domain and title had nothing to do with these cats with their bicycles and neckties.

So please stop coming to my house. There’s a reason there’s no welcome mat. Besides the fact that we live in a bus.

In fact, the Book of Moron was one of those all-too-common great ideas concocted a little too soon after Northern California’s harvest season: a brief religious tract emphasizing the sacred nature of profanity. This text would explicate the Magma, a set of changing disbeliefs, and serve as the main holy text for the Church of the Mountain’s Daughter of Latter-Day Pranksters.

See? Our thing is totally different.

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