Breaking News: JM Sex Scandal Derails Campaign Train

March 31st, 2008 | Category: bizarre,comedy,offbeat,parody,satire

Sex Scandal Revelation Rocks Repubican Restrooms

(A.P.*-Toostoned, AZ)

In a shocking turn of events carefully calculated to distract attention from the plodding economy and deteriorating situation in the Middle East, Repubican Residential candidate Aridzona Senator Jon McCane has become the latest casualty in a domino of political sex scandals that have befallen members of Congress like a virulent STD over the last year.

From soliciting the vice squad in airport restrooms to ordering high-priced internet “escorts” online, the mighty have been falling in a series of ever more perverse and disturbing sex scandals.

The Senator has been linked to another online prostitution ring…but unlike recent tabloid celebrity Guvner Elliot Spitzher of New Yoke, Senator McCane is being investigated for being the provider of paid sexual services.

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