The Great Dot Asia Land Grab

March 28th, 2008 | Category: SEO

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The Great (.asia) Land Grab

Outside of the webmaster world, the average internet user can barely spell TLD, let alone define it. For domainers and SEO-driven site flippers, however, the availability of a new ICAAN-approved domain extension means opportunity. Languages, like land, are vast but finite…and each word can only be used once per extension.
For those who think SEO was a pop-rock band of the eighties (possibly Speedwagon?), the appearance of a new TLD is like finding a new continent to plunder. The dictionary, long worn out for .com and most .net and .org domain names, suddenly becomes virgin territory.

If you host with a full service registrar, you may have received an invitation to invest in the newest public offering, available as of March 26: .asia. Touted as a valuable tool to reach the gigantic market of the Pacific Rim, this release seems more like a ploy to bring vast resources to the coffers of registration entities.

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