Apr 6

Moving Into The Future-Flash & 3D Animation

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at aniBoom

Once upon a time, animation was painstakingly hand-drawn in multiple stages by sweatshop teams of artists who mad no pretensions to realism. Preferring in general to portray speaking animals and magical figures, the first cartoon mills freed filmmakers, particularly the late Walt Disney, from the necessity of building sets, costuming actors, and obeying the laws of physics.

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Apr 3

Crazy Funny Retro T-shirts

Head Zeppelin Funny Heavy Rock T-shirtA T-shirt is more than a piece of apparel. It is your personal billboard and art gallery, a way to say something to every person who dares to look at you, even (or especially) people you’d otherwise never consider speaking to. The right message can spark up conversations between strangers, ignite lifelong loves and friendships, and get you kicked out of that boring math lecture.

The beauty of an ironic cool retro T-shirt is that you can flash the creativity and humor of the designer, and get all the credit for the cleverness.

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Mar 31

Breaking News: JM Sex Scandal Derails Campaign Train

Sex Scandal Revelation Rocks Repubican Restrooms

(A.P.*-Toostoned, AZ)

In a shocking turn of events carefully calculated to distract attention from the plodding economy and deteriorating situation in the Middle East, Repubican Residential candidate Aridzona Senator Jon McCane has become the latest casualty in a domino of political sex scandals that have befallen members of Congress like a virulent STD over the last year.

From soliciting the vice squad in airport restrooms to ordering high-priced internet “escorts” online, the mighty have been falling in a series of ever more perverse and disturbing sex scandals.

The Senator has been linked to another online prostitution ring…but unlike recent tabloid celebrity Guvner Elliot Spitzher of New Yoke, Senator McCane is being investigated for being the provider of paid sexual services.

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Mar 28

The Great Dot Asia Land Grab

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The Great (.asia) Land Grab

Outside of the webmaster world, the average internet user can barely spell TLD, let alone define it. For domainers and SEO-driven site flippers, however, the availability of a new ICAAN-approved domain extension means opportunity. Languages, like land, are vast but finite…and each word can only be used once per extension.
For those who think SEO was a pop-rock band of the eighties (possibly Speedwagon?), the appearance of a new TLD is like finding a new continent to plunder. The dictionary, long worn out for .com and most .net and .org domain names, suddenly becomes virgin territory.

If you host with a full service registrar, you may have received an invitation to invest in the newest public offering, available as of March 26: .asia. Touted as a valuable tool to reach the gigantic market of the Pacific Rim, this release seems more like a ploy to bring vast resources to the coffers of registration entities.

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Feb 21

You’re So Vain! You probably think this blog is about you.

Every once in a while we hear from someone that the Book of Moron is supposed to be some sort of reference to their Church, which seems to be some kind of LSD cult in Wyoming or something. I don’t honestly know much about this group, but in fact the choice of domain and title had nothing to do with these cats with their bicycles and neckties.

So please stop coming to my house. There’s a reason there’s no welcome mat. Besides the fact that we live in a bus.

In fact, the Book of Moron was one of those all-too-common great ideas concocted a little too soon after Northern California’s harvest season: a brief religious tract emphasizing the sacred nature of profanity. This text would explicate the Magma, a set of changing disbeliefs, and serve as the main holy text for the Church of the Mountain’s Daughter of Latter-Day Pranksters.

See? Our thing is totally different.

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Jan 25

Support a Moron!

So, you've probably been asking yourself, "How can I help those dorks at Book of Moron get a life?"

Well, we can't go anywhere until at least a million of you have visited and in some way contributed to enriching our PayPal account; therefore, in kindness to you, our reader, we have devised a handy list of the ways that you can support Book of Moron and the Church of the Mountain's Daughter of Latter-Day Pranksters.

#1. Splatter our Banner! This will cost you only a few pixels. 468 x 60 to be exact. Display the Book of Moron banner. Put it on your website, your blog, your MySpace, your local tavern bathroom wall, (preferably right above the toilet paper) but please include the clickable link so that others may visit and taste the madness.

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Nov 19

And now, on the lighter side…how would you like to die?

mental1.jpgHave you ever desperately wanted to end it all, but stopped short because you still had that final message to the world? A last screw-you to you-know-who?

Afraid take the plunge because instead of making everyone sorry, no one will even know or care why?

Well, they still won’t care, but you can leave your funny famous last words, just as if you had done something noteworthy and memorable with your life.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, you can now speak your peace and get out-at LolDead.com

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Nov 19

Desktop Adrenaline & Gut-Busting Guide

Those of you who follow our stupidity diaries at Book of Moron have probably realized that we spend most of our time hunting the best sites for fooling around and screwing off on the web.

We don’t do this for our own sake, however, despite popular misconceptions. We do it for you. We know you only have a limited amount of time to waste, and you don’t want to waste it looking for ways to waste it.

That is where our valuable service comes in.

As far as nosy neighbors, disapproving relatives, and our next job applications are concerned, this is an “online publishing company” and finding the best funny videos, ironic images, and bufoonish silliness on every corner of the web is all “part of the job”.

But there comes a time when watching others being idiotic just isn’t enough.

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Nov 17

Tech Wars 1011: Sitefin Blog Spanks Pyron Technologies

What do you get when you take atrocious web development and even worse marketing? A void to be filled with your critics.

Enter the Sitefin blog. Apparently someone out there was due for a karmic spanking. Now I don’t know much about web development, but just leave it to Sitefin to joyfully and continually point out every single website error Pyron Technologies has ever made.

From bright red illustrations of errors maps, to pictures of Rosie O’Donnell as the unqualified project manager you will find a few giggles and will also undoubtedly cringe in disbelief. So toss Prawn Legs a couple of beers (lead sitefin web developer) and sit back and read a few posts about the Sitefin Project.

You will be disappointed, but I think that’s the whole point.


Nov 15

El Dorado Quest

El Dorado Quest game

And from our Time Consumption Department:

More great ways to avoid whatever you were supposed to be doing

El Dorado Quest

This is your chance to become a real treasure hunter! Join Bob and Jane on their captivating adventure into the Amazon. You will go step by step into the ancient Incan civilization to find the lost city of El Dorado. There will be stops in your journey where you must piece together forgotten artifacts from this bygone culture. Solve the puzzles of the jungle and guide Bob and Jane to the treasures of a powerful empire.

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Nov 2

Sanity through Zanity

From elephants on LSD to Superman body-painting with a rip in the ass-crack, there is nothing like weird news to bring life to an otherwise dry day online. This is how I keep my sanity while working on the internet 10 hours a day.

I go completely insane.

What with three of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse hanging out in Badagag Saloon, fires, flood, and human devastation, there’s a lot of muck to wade through in order to find what I really want: pictures of mangled skateboarders with their heads inserted literally up their ass.

Fortunately, the web is getting wierder every day. Very strange people and perfectly normal animals performing acts of supreme stupidity proliferate in every corner of the net, especially among the “YouTube Myspace and I’ll Google your Yahoo” crowd.

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Sep 2

Principia Discordia – The Sacred Chao of Eris

Principia DiscordiaPrincipia Discordia: The Magnum Opiate of Malaclypse the Younger

In 1662, Sir Isaac Newton composed the Principia Matematica, setting forth the finest declaration of the laws of order, thus composing the crown jewel of the age of Reason.

In 1965 a couple of crackpots calling themselves Malaclypse the Younger and Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, mimeographed and began distributing primitive copies of the Principia Discordia, an exposition on the theology of randomness, and proclaiming the primacy of the Holy Joke.

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Aug 12

Off the beaten paths ~ No Way by Ram Tzu

Whatever your beliefs… Ram Tzu will find a way to disabuse you of them. This hysterical anti-Tao combines mystical satire and a firm disavowal of all truths.

No Way by Ram Tzu

An irreverent guru being channeled through a Southern California cynic, Ram Tzu sets the very idea of wisdom on its ass.

“If you are serious in your pursuit of enlightenment you are in for a rough ride. Ram Tzu does not coddle. His truths are self evident to some and heresy even blaspheme to others.

The pages of this book are filled with incredibly funny and intelligent paradox, that is all the more stunning because it is delivered at the most dizzying heights of mankind’s most cherished beliefs.

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